Feature ASIANLICIOUS artist of the month is Kidd Beatz from Canada!

 The First ASIANLICIOUS Artist of the month is the human beat boxer Sophia Y aka Kid Beatz from Canada!  Here is her mini bio.

After many days and nights of practicing and perfecting the art she loved, Sophia went and shared her talent on YouTube. Her first few videos all went viral within mere hours, spanning globally on social networking feeds and shared links everywhere. Since then, her international fan base has continued rapid growth as she has been featured on the front page of YouTube many times. As of 2012, Sophia is one of the most subscribed female beatboxers on YouTube with over 37 thousand subscribers and over 12 million views from 60 different countries across the globe.

Sophia has collaborated with various artists and celebrities including: Ryan Higa, one of the most subscribed personalities on YouTube, JR Aquino, Wax of Def Jam Records, Timothy Deleghatto, Mike Kalombo of So So Def Records, Lydia Paek of America’s Best Dance Crew – Quest Crew, and even Justin Bieber’s back-up singers, Legaci. Sophia has also guest starred on YTV, been a part of a Coca-Cola commercial and a Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts’ commercial, and has been a judge/TV personality/mentor on Much Music’s “NML’s Batttlez: Beatboxers!”

Asianlicious.com:  Do you have any projects coming up?

Kidd Beatz: Yes, a few. I have some new video ideas that I will be working on and collaborations I’m pretty excited about!

Asianlicious.com:  From your youtube fame who is the coolest person you have ever met?
Kidd Beatz: Probably Lydia Paek, she’s a good friend of mine and she’s making it so big now being on YG and everything.

Asianlicious.com:  Tell us about your website? ?

Kidd Beatz:  My website for now is my new YouTube channel haha http://youtube.com/SophiaBeatbox

Asianlicious.com:   If you were  an animal what kind of animal would you be?
Kidd Beatz:  Probably a bird so I can spend the day flying everywhere
Asianlicious.com:  Marvel vs DC vs Anime?
Kidd Beatz:  Marvel!

Asianlicious.com:  What was your childhood like growing up?
Kidd Beatz:  I had a pretty rough childhood learning about how to put up with bullies and very strict parents, but I got through it which I’m very proud of.

Asianlicious.com:  Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Kidd Beatz:  Loving what I do and making a living off of it.
Asianlicious.com:  What do you do to inspire yourself?
Kidd Beatz:  Inspiration mainly comes from my feelings. If I’m happy, I get things done quicker.
Asianlicious.com:What do you like to do for fun?
Kidd Beatz:I love playing basketball and I love to sing

Asianlicious.com:  What kind of music do you like?
Kidd Beatz:   listen to anything from Hiphop, to R&B, to Pop, to Rock, to Dubstep, to EDM, to even Country.10419422_10152427344333350_6521607946723113222_n

Asianlicious.com:  Is there anything you are promoting right now?
Kidd Beatz:  Yes, my new Youtube channel, I started a new one because I wanted to start fresh with better quality videos and be more consistent with my videos. So you’ll be seeing a lot more of me on YouTube! http://youtube.com/SophiaBeatbox

Asianlicious.com:  Do people ever recognize you when you go out?
Kidd Beatz: Most of the time
Asianlicious.com:  What is the craziest gift a fan has ever given you?
Kidd Beatz:Probably a very long love letter
Asianlicious.com:  Favorite food?
Kidd Beatz:That’s very hard, haha. If I could pick a category, I’d pick Japanese or Chinese.
Asianlicious.com:  Favorite Movies?
Kidd Beatz:  Pursuit of Happiness, Despicable Me 1&2, Hunger Games & Catching Fire
Asianlicious.com: Favorite Video Games?
Kidd Beatz: Pokemon! Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls11252_10152616487218350_1594690005032578750_n
Give me the links to the following websites.

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Interview with Angela Lee MMA Fighter


11310983_849066585179399_1986894015_nASIANLICIOUS:  Do you have a mini bio about yourself?11281765_849066581846066_1141262729_n        11210489_856111111141613_1498312039055463598_n   


Angela Lee:  My name is Angela Lee and I’m 18 years old. I am a half Singaporean, half Korean girl born in Canada and raised in Hawaii. I grew up in my parents martial arts schools in Canada and Hawaii. I was always on the mats, watching the techniques, and eager to learn all that I could. I first began training at 3 years old, competing at 6 years old and that is when I began showing promise in martial arts. I excelled in all styles of martial arts competition and really enjoyed competing. Growing up in a martial arts family has provided me with an abundance of support that keeps me driven and motivated in my fighting career. 11407113_858889437530447_8980711879467555270_n


ASIANLICIOUS:   Have you ever used your skills in a real fight away from the ring?


Angela Lee:  No, I’ve never been in any sort of fight outside of the ring. I am not the type of person who goes around picking fights with people. I only use martial arts in the cage, or for self defense. 11220880_858889017530489_4155922790230082431_n - Copy


ASIANLICIOUS:  What is the craziest story you could tell us?


Angela Lee:  My life is perfect. Simple with no craziness.



ASIANLICIOUS:   How did you feel when you were walking into the ring in your first fight? 11401528_858889164197141_5297274517312224284_n


Angela Lee:  I was so nervous and excited at the same time.  


ASIANLICIOUS:   What are your hobbies outside of MMA?

 Angela Lee:   I enjoy spending quality time with my family, boyfriend, and new puppy. I love going to the beach, hiking, and enjoying the beautiful island of Oahu that I live on. 



ASIANLICIOUS:   Do people recognize you when you go out?11406851_856512284434829_388788739502356215_n


Angela Lee:  Haha no, not yet!


ASIANLICIOUS:   Any cool stories you could tell us from meeting your fans?? 


Angela Lee:  It was such a great experience meeting all of my fans in person and via Facebook. I thought it was really cool that I made so many fans in Singapore and  fans from all over the world. I was so happy that I got to finally sign an autograph for the first time!


ASIANLICIOUS:   Tell us about your website? ? 11289571_849066575179400_1771032032_n


Angela Lee:  I actually don’t have my own website right now but I am on my team’s website: unitedmma.net

My bio is on the instructor’s page.


ASIANLICIOUS:   What was your childhood like growing up?  

Angela Lee:  I grew up as a mat baby.   Martial arts has been the only thing I’ve known. It has always been a constant in my life from childhood until now. 11325203_849066595179398_829505607_n




ASIANLICIOUS:   Where do you see yourself five years from now?11313192_849066578512733_2047800020_n


Angela Lee:  In five years, I want to make leaps and bounds of progress for Women’s MMA especially in Asia. I have really big aspirations for myself and plan on breaking a lot of records. I want to be the youngest MMA World Champion, the first Women’s MMA Champion from Hawaii, the first Women’s MMA Champion in ONE, and the first Singaporean World Champion in ONE. My younger brother Christian will be fighting soon as well and we plan on being the first brother – sister world champions.


ASIANLICIOUS:  What do you do to inspire yourself? 


Angela Lee:  My family keeps me inspired and motivated to stay focused and not lose sight of my goals. 


ASIANLICIOUS:   What do you like to do for fun? 11354985_849066565179401_1884901392_n


Angela Lee:  I love spending time with my family, boyfriend, and puppy. I love going to the beach, hiking, watching movies, etc.


ASIANLICIOUS:   What kind of music do you like?

Angela Lee:   I like a wide range of artists from all different kids of genres. It usually just depends on my mood. Some of my favorite artists on my playlists are:

Steve Aoki, Vanic, Hardwell, Alesso, Jhene Aiko, and a lot of local island/reggae bands such as SOJA, Rebelution, and Common Kings.  

ASIANLICIOUS:  is there anything you are promoting right now?11349980_849066591846065_1590940349_n


Angela Lee:  No, but I am actively seeking financial sponsors to support my fighting career.

ASIANLICIOUS:   What is the craziest gift a fan has ever given you?


Angela Lee:  I haven’t received any gifts from fans yet but I’m sure there will be some in the future!


ASIANLICIOUS:  What is the hottest costume you have ever worn? 11355603_849066571846067_1746233704_n


Angela Lee:  My fight outfit. Lol.


ASIANLICIOUS:   Favorite food? 


Angela Lee:  This is the hardest of all the questions! I love food and I love eating so it’s really hard to choose:

  • Singaporean Food (Laksa, Mee Pok Tah, Hay Mee)
  • Steak (Medium rare)


ASIANLICIOUS:   Favorite Movies?


Angela Lee:  ALL Super Hero Movies (Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, etc.)  Unbreakable11329948_848431448576246_5607447126293115925_n


ASIANLICIOUS:   Favorite Video Games?


Angela Lee:  Mario Kart Racing


ASIANLICIOUS:   Give me the links to the following.

Angela Lee:   Websites.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/angelalee7896

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/user/UNITEDMMAHAWAII

Instagram: https://instagram.com/_angela_lee/




ASIANLICIOUS:   Any final thoughts or words?


Angela Lee:  I love to fight and really appreciate your support in sharing my bio with my fans.









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The New Asian American!

The New Asian American!

Who are we and what are we?  We are a combination of STREET SMARTS and BOOK SMARTS!

eddie-huang-trailer-2Eddie Huang (fresh off the boat)


We are artists and entrepreneurs.


David Choe

We are risk takers.  Taking calculating profitable risks.

inasddexJustin Lin


We are professional Athletes.

1329332136_jeremy-lin-articleJeremy Lin


We are creative genius and not afraid to express who we are and what we are!

  indexAsa Akira via DVDASA

WE are not the passive our counterparts believe that we are.  We don’t take shit from people because of what we look like or what we eat.

bullet-to-the-head-sarah-shahi-sung-kangSung Kang FF6

We are the role models other kids at our school wish we are.


Vampy Bit Me Fiend or Fauxx

We are innovators, trend setters and icons.

thumbs_yaya-han-20Yaya Han

We are the New Asian Americans!


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spocomusa.com invading SO CAL!!!


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December 3  2011 OCCUPY HIN LOS ANGELES!!!



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Unisex’s black shirts coming soon!

Unisex’s black Asianlicious shirts coming soon!

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Eunice Kiss – Delete U (Official Music Video)

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APOCALYPSE MEOW in San Francisco!

Saturday, May 14 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Space Gallery
1141 Polk Street

The following artists who will participate in APOCALYPSE MEOW, a group show examining the dominance of all things feline in contemporary culture.

Audrey Erickson
Bo Heimlich
Bunnie Reiss
Ezra Li
Garrison Buxton
Helen Bayly
Katie Bacigalupi
Kelly Allen
Kristin Farr
Matt Miller
Mia Christopher
Ryan Jones
Spencer Keeton Cunningham
William Emmert
Yuki Miyazaki
Yumiko Kayukawa

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FF 5

Just saw Fast and the Furious Five…the movie was F**KEN AWESOME!
They brought back all the old characters of the previous 4 movies. Great story…not as overloaded with special effects like FF4 and lots of crazy stunts!

SEMI SPOILER ALERT: Make sure you watch the last scene after the credits for a preview of Fast and the Furious 6!!!

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Check out Shirley Ly from Shirleystarphotograpy.com

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