Saturday, March 13th, 9PM – 2AM
Club Good Hurt
12249 Venice Blvd West Los Angeles, 90066
21+ cash bar
Cover: $10

With the completion of their tenth and final episode, the cast of There Will Be Brawl (TWBB) will be celebrating in style, with cast members, fans, and media in attendance for their official wrap party for the web-series’ final episode. The cast and crew welcome everyone to attend a night of dancing, drinking, and photo ops at Club Good Hurt, located in eastern Venice.

“We wanted a way to raise the glass to our dedicated cast and crew, as well as invite fans of the show to come out and be able to chat with all of us about the project. We think this will be a fun event not only for gamers and cosplayers, but just anyone who wants to see some great performances and dance to the sets from our amazing DJs,” said TWBB co-creator Matthew Mercer.

Co-creater Zach Grafton added, “This web series was really a labor of love for all of us. We’re really excited to give something back to our hard-working team and also to shake hands with the fans who made this show so popular.”

With the TWBB cast being huge fans of cosplay (a Japanese amalgam of the words “costume” and “play”), it’s only fitting that the event is being held at Club Good Hurt, an intimate club space featuring bartenders in nurse uniforms and playful cocktails dressed up as “medicine” for its patrons. The venue boasts a dance floor and stage area, which the TWBB crew will be utilizing with their fantastic lineup of established Los Angeles performers and DJs on deck.

Live performances include The Megas, a band taking inspiration from Nintendo’s Mega Man series, and The Yuki Shundo Dance Crew, lead by the illustrious choreographer Yuki Shundo. Four of Los Angeles’ premier DJs will also be spinning to keep the crowd dancing, including Poison-K, Jinrei, DO NOT FEED THE DJ, and Amaya.

9:00 PM – DJ Poison-K
10:00PM – The Megas
10:45 PM – Yuki Shundo Dance Crew
12:00 PM – DJ Jinrei
1:00 PM – DJ Amaya

About There Will Be Brawl:
TWBB is a web series designed as a dark, dramatic parody of the popular Super Smash Bros. Brawl video game for the Nintendo Wii. TWBB focuses on the heroic trio of Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, and their battle against the corruption overtaking the Mushroom Kingdom, investigating the grisly crimes spreading across the land which threaten to tear apart the once idealistic kingdom.

TWBB creators Matthew Mercer and Zach Grafton have pooled their collective love of Nintendo’s repertoire, and launched this series as an homage to the colorful characters of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

The complete series of TWBB can be found currently broadcasting on The Escapist.


Media Contact:
Michelle Nguyen & True Mee Lee
Bubble Punch
1:00 PM – DJ Amaya

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