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MINIONS! I am telling a story that may be true or may be a lie on Thursday! It’s a totally great show with great people. And really funny because you get to interrogate us after!

See you there at BANG Comedy Theater on Fairfax! This Thursday night!

Love, Reverend Wong!/event.php?eid=110909768925869&ref=ts

Seek truth. Get a T-shirt.

Andy Christie’s Liar Show comes to LA with Guest Host J. Keith Van Straaten and stories from this unbelievable lineup:

PAUL SCHEER – HBO’s Funny Or Die
FAYE LANE – Beauty Shop Stories; NPR

$10 in advance. Order tickets online:
($12 at the door)

Four writers and comics tell short, extremely personal stories that will make you laugh and probably make you glad you don’t live with them. But only three of these people are telling the truth.

All four performers return to the stage and defend their honor while the audience grills them.

Each audience member casts a ballot and the perceptive geniuses who guess correctly walk away with a prize T-shirt amid a bitter chorus of “Congratulations, Einstein,” from the empty-handed losers.

“Christie and Co. Have made dishonesty fun again.” TimeOut New York, Critics’ Pick

“Prizes mean nothing compared with the sweet victory of being the savviest people in the room.” The Washington Post

“A Winner.” Edinburgh Comedy Festival (4 Stars)

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May 01 2010 San Francisco, CA

This black tie charitable runway event called “The Walking Exhibition” is here to help struggling fashion designers showcase their talent. The funds raised at this event aim to create a program for high school students, recent college graduates, and individuals interested in design and architecture, which can qualify them for certification exams. They will create projects, enter competitions, learn new skills, build their portfolios, and become educated about creating a more livable and sustainable society.

For the event, we have eco-friendly bathing suits.

We have designers, who are dog-walkers, single moms, executive chefs, and full-time students, who are all struggling to have fashion design as their focal point of their life. Here is a link of the San Francisco Examiner supporting this event:

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Location Hawaii

PAL Productions presents:

The only and original X-rated go go’s will be partying and raising HAVOC at BAR SEVEN every FRIDAY. This combination is a party you don’t wanna miss.!!!! Our X-Rated Deejay will be spitting out the craziest mixes as the party rages til 2 in the morning… 7 bars means 7 hot bartenders with drink specials at each and every bar! Get on our FREE guest list now!!!!

X-RATED Go Go dancers and Deejay Betty from 10pm to 2am.

1/2 OFF DRINKS UNTIL 12:30!!!!
For special request, birthday or other special occasions please e-mail us at and we will create a party you’ll never forget.
Special Thanks to Asianlicious!!

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Opium San Francisco

San Francisco just elevated itself in the race towards leading city nightlife. Opium Productions, originally from the thrilling nightlife of Hollywood, has come to tap into San Francisco’s unspoiled clubbing scene, bringing with them the glamour and elegance of Hollywood. Once you venture into an Opium event, you will find yourself dependent on something that is psychologically and physically habit-forming. This is where the fun begins.

On Saturday April 10th, Opium Productions will stimulate a new spirit of nightlife unlike anything ever seen before. Featuring Wa Ultra Lounge, a multi-level venue with a variety of beautifully-appointed spaces for guests to dance and mingle, you will not want to miss the emergence of this revolutionary promotions team in San Francisco.

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New Asian Artists’ collab music on the rise! tracks are leaked from beg to end West Coast

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The Mikado Project

trailer for the upcoming screening of
The Mikado Project
to premiere on May 1st 9:30pm
@ the DGA on Sunset
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

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