Diaries of a Chinese girl in a western world.

Article by Anita Lee from Nee Hao Magazine

Anita Lee is from the He Nan province in China where the Shaolin Temple is located. She now lives in Nova Scotia and works in the World Trade Centre. She is currently writing a book entitled ‘The Diaries of a Chinese girl in a Western World’ based on true accounts of friends and herself. In the book she talks about love, career, family and the highs and lows of living both in China and Canada.

Here Nee Hao Magazine publishes the 1st of a 4 part serialisation of Anita’s upcoming book. This first excerpt is about her thoughts and feelings of dating a non Chinese, and what Chinese girls are like.

What Chinese girls are like?
Finish the rest of the article.http://www.neehao.co.uk/2011/01/the-diaries-of-a-chinese-girl-in-a-western-world/

anita lee canada

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