www.melodymovie.com from Lady K

lady mraz projectFROM LADY K
Hi everyone,
As you may or may not know already, I’ve been working on a short film called “Melody & the Old Sock” (www.melodymovie.com) with Atomic Puppy Studios and Forward Motion Media in Chicago. We want to take this sweet little dark fantasy short all the way to Sundance 2012, and I am asking for your help in making this happen. The footage thus far ROCKS, but to maintain such high production values, it’ll cost us a lot more $$$!!


Take a look at our video for Kickstarter and please help if you can. There are incentives at $5 all the way to $5000. Even posting the link on your Facebook helps us, if you can’t donate yourself. Best of all, it’s very fast and easy! It takes only a few minutes, and then you can donate your little heart away!

Thanks again!

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