The New Asian American!

The New Asian American!

Who are we and what are we?  We are a combination of STREET SMARTS and BOOK SMARTS!

eddie-huang-trailer-2Eddie Huang (fresh off the boat)


We are artists and entrepreneurs.


David Choe

We are risk takers.  Taking calculating profitable risks.

inasddexJustin Lin


We are professional Athletes.

1329332136_jeremy-lin-articleJeremy Lin


We are creative genius and not afraid to express who we are and what we are!

  indexAsa Akira via DVDASA

WE are not the passive our counterparts believe that we are.  We don’t take shit from people because of what we look like or what we eat.

bullet-to-the-head-sarah-shahi-sung-kangSung Kang FF6

We are the role models other kids at our school wish we are.


Vampy Bit Me Fiend or Fauxx

We are innovators, trend setters and icons.

thumbs_yaya-han-20Yaya Han

We are the New Asian Americans!


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