Feature ASIANLICIOUS artist of the month is Kidd Beatz from Canada!

 The First ASIANLICIOUS Artist of the month is the human beat boxer Sophia Y aka Kid Beatz from Canada!  Here is her mini bio.

After many days and nights of practicing and perfecting the art she loved, Sophia went and shared her talent on YouTube. Her first few videos all went viral within mere hours, spanning globally on social networking feeds and shared links everywhere. Since then, her international fan base has continued rapid growth as she has been featured on the front page of YouTube many times. As of 2012, Sophia is one of the most subscribed female beatboxers on YouTube with over 37 thousand subscribers and over 12 million views from 60 different countries across the globe.

Sophia has collaborated with various artists and celebrities including: Ryan Higa, one of the most subscribed personalities on YouTube, JR Aquino, Wax of Def Jam Records, Timothy Deleghatto, Mike Kalombo of So So Def Records, Lydia Paek of America’s Best Dance Crew – Quest Crew, and even Justin Bieber’s back-up singers, Legaci. Sophia has also guest starred on YTV, been a part of a Coca-Cola commercial and a Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts’ commercial, and has been a judge/TV personality/mentor on Much Music’s “NML’s Batttlez: Beatboxers!”

Asianlicious.com:  Do you have any projects coming up?

Kidd Beatz: Yes, a few. I have some new video ideas that I will be working on and collaborations I’m pretty excited about!

Asianlicious.com:  From your youtube fame who is the coolest person you have ever met?
Kidd Beatz: Probably Lydia Paek, she’s a good friend of mine and she’s making it so big now being on YG and everything.

Asianlicious.com:  Tell us about your website? ?

Kidd Beatz:  My website for now is my new YouTube channel haha http://youtube.com/SophiaBeatbox

Asianlicious.com:   If you were  an animal what kind of animal would you be?
Kidd Beatz:  Probably a bird so I can spend the day flying everywhere
Asianlicious.com:  Marvel vs DC vs Anime?
Kidd Beatz:  Marvel!

Asianlicious.com:  What was your childhood like growing up?
Kidd Beatz:  I had a pretty rough childhood learning about how to put up with bullies and very strict parents, but I got through it which I’m very proud of.

Asianlicious.com:  Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Kidd Beatz:  Loving what I do and making a living off of it.
Asianlicious.com:  What do you do to inspire yourself?
Kidd Beatz:  Inspiration mainly comes from my feelings. If I’m happy, I get things done quicker.
Asianlicious.com:What do you like to do for fun?
Kidd Beatz:I love playing basketball and I love to sing

Asianlicious.com:  What kind of music do you like?
Kidd Beatz:   listen to anything from Hiphop, to R&B, to Pop, to Rock, to Dubstep, to EDM, to even Country.10419422_10152427344333350_6521607946723113222_n

Asianlicious.com:  Is there anything you are promoting right now?
Kidd Beatz:  Yes, my new Youtube channel, I started a new one because I wanted to start fresh with better quality videos and be more consistent with my videos. So you’ll be seeing a lot more of me on YouTube! http://youtube.com/SophiaBeatbox

Asianlicious.com:  Do people ever recognize you when you go out?
Kidd Beatz: Most of the time
Asianlicious.com:  What is the craziest gift a fan has ever given you?
Kidd Beatz:Probably a very long love letter
Asianlicious.com:  Favorite food?
Kidd Beatz:That’s very hard, haha. If I could pick a category, I’d pick Japanese or Chinese.
Asianlicious.com:  Favorite Movies?
Kidd Beatz:  Pursuit of Happiness, Despicable Me 1&2, Hunger Games & Catching Fire
Asianlicious.com: Favorite Video Games?
Kidd Beatz: Pokemon! Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls11252_10152616487218350_1594690005032578750_n
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