We are now looking for Videos, Event Reviews, Products, Flyers to Events.


VIDEOS: To submit your video to for consideration, email the info below to PLEASE put VIDEOS on the subject line of the email. This is the ONLY way to have your video considered for posting. Do not use Facebook/Myspace/Twitter etc to submit your video, all videos sent in this fashion will be ignored. If we feel your video is worth posting, it will be posted. If we don’t want to post your video, it won’t be posted. We prefer you post your video on Youtube is also acceptable, as well as any of the other video hosting sites. Do not send us your video as an attachment, it will be deleted immediately. Do NOT include the embed code, we only need the video URL. If something has been posted on that you own the copyright to, PLEASE contact me and ask to have it removed.



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If you are a Photographer and would like ASIANLICIOUS.Com to post some of your work on our site the best way to do is is to load your picture on a FLICKR account and Email us the link to On the title please capitalize PHOTOS on the SUBJECT line.

If you wish to submit a flyer to ASIANLICIOUS.COM please follow the following instructions. Email a link from a flickr account to and capitalize “EVENT FLYER” on the subject line. Please write a brief description about the event.

If you would like ASIANLICIOUS.COM to promote any new products, shirts, dvd’s email me at

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