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The New Asian American!

The New Asian American!

Who are we and what are we?  We are a combination of STREET SMARTS and BOOK SMARTS!

eddie-huang-trailer-2Eddie Huang (fresh off the boat)


We are artists and entrepreneurs.


David Choe

We are risk takers.  Taking calculating profitable risks.

inasddexJustin Lin


We are professional Athletes.

1329332136_jeremy-lin-articleJeremy Lin


We are creative genius and not afraid to express who we are and what we are!

  indexAsa Akira via DVDASA

WE are not the passive our counterparts believe that we are.  We don’t take shit from people because of what we look like or what we eat.

bullet-to-the-head-sarah-shahi-sung-kangSung Kang FF6

We are the role models other kids at our school wish we are.


Vampy Bit Me Fiend or Fauxx

We are innovators, trend setters and icons.

thumbs_yaya-han-20Yaya Han

We are the New Asian Americans!


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December 3  2011 OCCUPY HIN LOS ANGELES!!!


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Unisex’s black shirts coming soon!

Unisex’s black Asianlicious shirts coming soon!

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Eunice Kiss – Delete U (Official Music Video)

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APOCALYPSE MEOW in San Francisco!

Saturday, May 14 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Space Gallery
1141 Polk Street

The following artists who will participate in APOCALYPSE MEOW, a group show examining the dominance of all things feline in contemporary culture.

Audrey Erickson
Bo Heimlich
Bunnie Reiss
Ezra Li
Garrison Buxton
Helen Bayly
Katie Bacigalupi
Kelly Allen
Kristin Farr
Matt Miller
Mia Christopher
Ryan Jones
Spencer Keeton Cunningham
William Emmert
Yuki Miyazaki
Yumiko Kayukawa

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FF 5

Just saw Fast and the Furious Five…the movie was F**KEN AWESOME!
They brought back all the old characters of the previous 4 movies. Great story…not as overloaded with special effects like FF4 and lots of crazy stunts!

SEMI SPOILER ALERT: Make sure you watch the last scene after the credits for a preview of Fast and the Furious 6!!!

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Check out Shirley Ly from

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lady mraz projectFROM LADY K
Hi everyone,
As you may or may not know already, I’ve been working on a short film called “Melody & the Old Sock” ( with Atomic Puppy Studios and Forward Motion Media in Chicago. We want to take this sweet little dark fantasy short all the way to Sundance 2012, and I am asking for your help in making this happen. The footage thus far ROCKS, but to maintain such high production values, it’ll cost us a lot more $$$!!

Take a look at our video for Kickstarter and please help if you can. There are incentives at $5 all the way to $5000. Even posting the link on your Facebook helps us, if you can’t donate yourself. Best of all, it’s very fast and easy! It takes only a few minutes, and then you can donate your little heart away!

Thanks again!

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The CAT LADY Christina Wong

From Christina Wong

cat lady christina wongHello faithful congregation!

Just a reminder that I have all sorts of Los Angeles previews of my new play CAT LADY starting tomorrow night. The only full show preview in LA is tomorrow in Atwater Village, the other shows are excerpts or “bastardized shorty short” versions of the show.

@Wordspace, 3191 Casitas, #156, Los Angeles, CA 90039
(FREE for supporters of all levels of CAT LADY! Support here:
You can also leave a little money for us when you come!)

February 14, 8pm
Kristina shows excerpt of CAT LADY at Anatomy Riot
LOFT Ensemble Performance Space
929 East 2nd Street, Suite #105 (entrance is on Vignes St.)
Los Angeles, CA $10, no reservations

February 17, 9pm
Kristina and CAT LADY cast at the Hothouse Comedy Show (doing schtick that’s not actually part of the show we’re making but it’s still funny)
FREE with FREE open bar!
Invite only (email us to get in and address by Feb 14)
Downtown Los Angeles

February 19 & 20, 8:30pm
Excerpt of CAT LADY at REDCAT Studio Series!
631 West 2nd St. Downtown LA (inside Walt Disney Concert Hall)
Tickets $8/$12/$15

I’m still raising more funds for CAT LADY! This ensemble stuff is way expensive and I’d love if you could support my vision!

Thanks for your faithfulness!



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